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Reports About Alewife Area Issues

(This page updated January 18, 2005)

W. R. Grace Site

More W.R. Grace-related documents in the Projects section of this site

Original EPA Report by Weston (long: 7.2 MB) on this property by the US Environmental Protection Agency

Other shorter formats of the report by the Alewife Study Group

ATSDR Health Consultation on this property by the US Government's Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry


North Cambridge Flood Reconnaissance Study report (long: 1.8 MB) commissioned by Alewife Neighbors.

Russell Field

The following reports were provided by the City of Cambridge. These technical reports were required under state regulations for remediation (clean-up) of the site, or under the municipal Asbestos Protection Ordinance."

Phase II Report [4-MAY-04]

Draft Phase III Report [PDF] and Figures [PDF] [30-APR-04]

Supplemental Soil and Air Sampling Plan for Asbestos [PDF] and Map [PDF] [31-OCT-03]

Decision on Asbestos Soil Management Plan by Cambridge Public Health Dept. Final [PDF] [19-MAY-04] and Draft [PDF] [13-APR-04]

Dunkin Donuts Clean-up, 2480 Massachusetts Avenue

The former Best gas station is being converted to a Dunkin Donuts. The following are scanned documents relating to the clean-up of site contaminants made available through the Public Involvement Plan for the site. Full documentation is in the O'Neill Branch Library (adjoining the Peabody School, Rindge Ave., North Cambridge)

Comments from DEP on Immediate Response Action (IRA)[PDF] [Aug-03]

Owner Change Notice [PDF] [Sep-04]

Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan [large 1.4MB PDF] [Sep-04]

Tier II Transfer of Responsibility [PDF] [Nov-04]

Construction RAM Plan [large 4.2MB PDF] [Nov-04]

IRA Completion Statement [large 1.7MB PDF] [Dec-04]

Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment Report [PDF] [Mar-05]

RAM Status Report [large 1.9MB PDF] [Mar-05]

Revised Public Involvement Plan [PDF] [Mar-05]

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